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Minority-owned and operated since 1989
Columbus Gourmet division of ATL Industries
Dodge City Steaks

Dry Aged Filet

Dodge City Beef
Specializing in Dry Aged Genuine Black Angus Steaks
for consumer,retail and foodservice sales.

DODGE CITY STEAKS uses only CREEKSTONE FARMS PREMIUM BLACK ANGUS BEEF, a USDA Certified Program, not the commercially accepted Angus Beef, which only has to be a minimum of 51% Black Angus influence.

Dodge City's Dry Aged Certified Black Angus Steaks are second to none in quality and taste. If you prefer Ribeyes, Strips or Sirloins, our Dry Aged Steaks offers only the "Legendary Taste of the West!"

Not your ordinary supermarket filets,
   Ours are hand selected and then hand cut by our master carvers.

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Dry-aged Sirloins

Dry Aged Sirloins
What's so special about a Dodge City Dry Aged sirloin? It's the robust flavor and easy-cutting tenderness. A great family-size steak, sirloin can be served as a steak, sliced into juicy strips for stir-fry and fajitas or cut it into chunks for mighty tasty kabobs. It's the most versatile steak we sell. We recommend you prepare this cut medium rare.


Bacon-Wrapped Filets
The classic steak. Our filets are hand
selected from choice Midwestern corn-fed beef, then hand cut by master carvers. Each bacon-wrapped filet is lean, tender and full of delicate flavor.

Dodge City Strip

The Dodge City Traditional Aged Strip 

 Rumor has it that the Delicious Kanas City Strip, actually originated in Dodge City.                          

                          So taste the original- Dodge City Strip!!


For Co-Packing, or any further manufacturing needs 

Call our Chicago office @ 312-949-0063, or fax us @ 312-949-0053
Call our Florida office @ 941-833-2234, or fax us @ 941-833-2236

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